Friday, August 11, 2006

Are Pink Bras Contagious?

Yup, the pink bra is back! It's contagious....

Darcy at Prosperity Happens blog stopped by, spotted my post about color and emotion featuring the pink bra hanging in the breeze and she was hooked! You can read her comments under that post..

So, what did Darcy do with her inspirtation and giggles? She wrote a long post in her blog about it and suggested making Joy Journals... What a COOL IDEA!

She says, "I just absolutely loved this picture she put up with this pink bra hangin' in the wind. I don't know what it is but this picture just makes me smile with joy and incites feelings of happy freedom. got me thinking more about joy...

...It's kind of like a dream journal or dream board but you just put pictures in it that make you smile or give you happy buzzy feelings... or even warm fuzzy feelings (I'm leaning towards happy buzzy... feel the difference between happy buzzy and warm fuzzy?). You could put pictures of pictures, pictures from you print off the web... or you can even put words. If daisies make you smile you could even put a pressed daisy in it. "

Read Darcy's full post

So, after reading this I began to think that pink bras hanging in the breeze on a sunny day might stir all sorts of thoughts and feelings... joy, silliness, sensuality, playfulness, and more. And just think, pink bras may be contagious... maybe everyone will giggle when they see one hanging on a clothesline on a sunny day... :)

What makes you giggle with joy?

Think about it and make your own Joy Journal.

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