Sunday, July 16, 2006

World Turmoil & Reality Shifts

Yesterday I received an email asking me to speak on the turmoil that is happening in the world.

Julie writes, " Why is it the leaders (prime ministers, presidents etc) who are in a position to do good, act like school kids, and argue and do not give in - when they are in such a wonderful situation where world peace could happen?"

Thank you Julie...

With the conflicts taking place on a global scale, it may feel as if you have no say in what is happening, and can affect no change. I disagree.

We each have the ability to hold the vibration of peace and unity within our bodies and energy field. This vibraion, when combined with others around the world holding the same vibration, can affect the feeling state of the entire globe.

Fear lowers our vibration and can cause wide spread panic when it is fueled out to the masses, like the President's consistent reminder of fear and terrorism. When anyone lives in fear, the need to control others becomes primary. Just think about times when you have felt insecure and out of control. Haven't you reached out, attempting to grasp onto anything that makes you feel in control and safe once again?

Power and insecurity can exist in the solar plexus chakra. When people, such as the President live mostly from their solar plexus, they live their life all about power and control fueled by fear. Unfortunately when people 'in charge' in the government are ruled by this, the country suffers their fears.

Many of you have evolved higher in your consciousness and energetic vibration. You have moved into your heart chakra and are developing your throat chakra and third eye. I have found that while we exist in higher vibrations, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone has reached that stage in their evolution yet. Institutions like the government are still ruled by the very mental solar plexus. If we continue to raise our vibrations and send that energy out into these institutions and into the areas where conflict is taking place, we may begin to affect a shift in energy.

The Lipstick Mystic has a potent message for the turmoil happening in our world today.

She says, " As crazy events kick up around the world, it's more important than ever for us to maintain our focus on peace and healing. Your thoughts, emotions, and the very vibration you hold in your body can create a huge difference in the world."

Her article is a good reminder:

Reality Shifts and Prayers for Peace

During times of political upheaval and international stress, when tempers seem to be running short and the future of the world appears to hang in the balance, it's important to realize how much power YOU have to affect events around you in a positive way.

Usually, we can observe this in small, personal ways. For instance, have you ever had a day when you were in the best mood EVER and everything around you seemed to flow like magic? You truly felt bullet-proof as your confident attitude seemed to generate waves of success. Who knows - you probably WERE bullet-proof!

And chances are you've experienced the opposite, too. You've had times when you felt downhearted, discouraged, perhaps even a little paranoid about all the evil you perceived in the world. As the vibration of fear picked up within your cells and you allowed chaos to overtake you - sure enough - chaotic things started happening all around you. Somebody cut in front of your car during rush hour, nearly causing a serious accident. Coworkers seemed to be in unusually grumpy moods, and you noticed more disruption within your own family after you got home. It was like your inner world (chaos-based) totally mirrored your outer one.

Well, quantum physics is slowly but surely verifying what metaphysical types have been saying for ages: the vibration that you hold within your own mind and body will be a direct reflection of what you see manifesting in the world around you.

Now, the trick is not to allow yourself to get caught up in feelings of hopelessness, fear or despair just because others on the world stage need to be playing out these tired old games of doom. Because you, my dears, are creatures of light, and your origin is a universe of love and peace.
And if you're anything like me, you've long felt that your "mission" here (if you choose to accept it!) is to anchor those vibrations of peace onto this lovely planet, a troubled yet glorious world of great potential and tremendous opportunity.

So, I felt inspired to write to you all today and share my hopes that you will join with me in spending five, maybe ten minutes a day consciously anchoring energies of love, peace, and balance on this Earth�..not just for yourselves and your loved ones, who certainly deserve peace, but for all those people, animals, and plants in other parts of the world who need your prayers right now.

A prayer is actually a feeling-state, a vibration that you hold within your cells, that you project out into the world. It's not so much a request to a divine deity or spiritual creator, although it can certainly be helpful invoking the help of those who are so much wiser than us!

A prayer is really a form of conscious creation or "white magic" where you boldly step up to the plate as a being of power and start creating a reality shift to something better, brighter, and more beautiful��holding that frequency and joining with others who are holding it, so that we all create something NEW here on Earth�

Something beautiful. Something lovely. Something glorious.

So as your attention gets pulled to violent or hopeless images being broadcast in the media right now, and as your heart feels compassion for those in Lebanon, Israel, Korea, the Middle East, Sudan, and other troubled places, realize that you CAN do something. You can send them the vibration of healing and love. And you can set the intention that their leaders and citizens "catch" this vibration and ride it in a sudden wave of sweeping change�

Change that resonates with the deepest aspects of Spirit and anchors a new reality here on this great planet.

So how about it - are you with me?

A good time to set vibrations of loving peace is when you yourself are feeling peaceful. For some people, the early hours of the morning are a great time. For others, those moments before you drift off to sleep at night are a good window of opportunity. You can even do it before or after an afternoon nap or during your morning yoga session or weekend Mass attendance.

Just try it. It will make a difference, I promise. And the more minds and hearts that can unite in love, the more we set that vibration into motion as a permanent state of being for more and more people, because this vibration will spread outwards in ripples. Let�s go for it!

check out Lipstick Mystic

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