Saturday, July 08, 2006

When chaos interrupts the peace...

Have you ever noticed that when people around you are caught up in the energy of moving from one home into another, that everything around them seems to get caught in the whirlwind?

My neighbors are moving and there was a whirl of activity today. I felt it so distinctly that I said to myself, "Ok, let's get out of the house for a bit. It's a little to frantic around here."

I, like so many others, get accustomed to my peaceful environment. When chaos descends, it can feel disruptive and out of harmony. I notice that I lose my train of thought more easily, I forget things and I don't meet my needs as effectively. Often I can meditate to bring myself back to center and find that peacefulness once again. But when two lawnmowers are running, a huge burning pile is smoking in the backyard and cars are going in and out of the driveway constantly, it can be another story! My meditation then shifts to driving. I don't mean I consciously meditate when driving- no way. What I mean is that driving in the car with the windows open and the radio on can be very peaceful and somewhat meditative for me.

I drove for quite a while and did manage to accomplish several errands, so it was productive on many levels.

Things quieted down late in the afternoon and I returned to my peaceful surroundings once again.

Interesting the things we take for granted isn't it? We don't miss it until it's gone. Like a quiet peaceful environment. Somedays I miss it, other days I'm looking for some noise and excitement. I guess it all depends upon the mood of the day...