Friday, July 14, 2006

What is an intuitive reading?

So often I am asked this question. I say that it is different for each person because everyone has their unique energies, circumstances and life issues.

During a reading I help you to illuminate what is transpiring within you and your life, shining the light into the areas you have not been able to see. I show you how to transform those areas of your life. I help you take charge and create change within, so that you can be open to receive all the positive results you want.

Using my intuitive insights and sensory abilities, I reveal a world of possibilities, giving you the tools and techniques needed to ignite your transformation. When you partner with me during intuitive sessions, you have a mentor and support system providing clarity, direction and guidance.

Intuitive readings take place by phone, so you have the comfort of speaking with me while you are in a comfortable and safe environment. Readings can be recorded for you while we speak if you like so you can refer back to the information given.

While you may have uncomfortable things happening in your life, I help you to uncover the positive and show you how to empower yourself within the situation. You may have homework after speaking with me, but that is designed to help you achieve the changes you are looking for.

When do people look for an intuitive reading?

When there are so many options that it is difficult to sort out, or when they feel stuck and unable to move forward. Sometimes it is because they are having relationship difficulties.

When both partners are willing, I do work with each individually in order to help them achieve a new understanding, clearer language and sense of togetherness.

Others are looking for understanding about the changes they are going through, such as spiritual development and evolutionary transformation. Some people want to work through old emotional patterns that they are tired of living with. Transformation is a perfect time for a reading- any sort of transformation.

What is on your mind?
What would you like from an intuitive session?
Would you love some clarity?

I would be happy to speak with you about how an intuitive reading may be helpful for you. If so, please contact me at or you can visit my website for more information: .

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