Saturday, June 03, 2006

Do you 'show up' ?

With the energies of our planet changing so rapidly, not only because of intense solar activity, but also the Pluto/Galactic Center conjunction that takes place through 2007, I am noticing more and more people 'out of body'. Why?

When things start shifting energetically so quickly, and emotional changes are happening, it can be challenging to stay grounded.

Being fully grounded means being fully present in the moment, or 'showing up'.

What are some tools for staying grounded?

  • Hug a tree- trees are deeply rooted and have such a strong grounding energy running through them that just a few moments of hugging the tree will help you ground into your own body
  • Carry a piece of Hematite stone in your pockets. These are shiny, charcoal-looking stones that are polished. You can usually find them at a metaphysical shop, or order them online. For people that have extreme difficulty being grounded, I suggest wearing hematite as ankle bracelets.
  • Working with your root chakra energies is also helpful. In meditation, bring your focus to your root chakra and feel its energies radiating down your legs and running deep into the ground.
  • Drink 1 drop of ingestible peppermint oil in a large glass of water. The oil is quite strong, so only use one drop. The peppermint oil bring you back into your body quickly. If you are traveling, carry a tin of original peppermint flavored Altoids. They have peppermint oil in them and will do in a time of need. ( ** It's importnant that the peppermint oil is ingestible- this is not aromatherapy oil!)
  • Spend time in the garden planting, getting your hands in the earth. This helps you reconnect to your roots and to Mother Earth.

If you notice that you are out of body often, take time to check-in inside yourself. Ask some important questions:

  • Am I avoiding feeling my feelings?
  • Am I responding to outer energies, such as planetary activity, solar flares, etc?
  • Am I feeling overwhelmed by someone else's energy or emotional drama?
  • Am I avoiding my body?
  • Do I want to be in my body?

These are just examples, you may have other questions you need to ask depending on your personal circumstances.

Are others counting on you to show up and be fully present? You may want to ask people close to you if they notice you being out of body often. If they do, maybe they can help you sort out when you are more apt to be out of body. Is there a particular time or theme that is predominant? Think about what might be causing you to vacate your body. Determining the possible 'why' behind your difficulty may pinpoint an issue that you need to address within yourself.

If you have difficulty with this and would like some assistance, consider scheduling an Intuitive Counseling session with me. You'll be surprised just how much information you'll receive along with other tools and support. You'll be much more grounded and ready to 'show up' for yourself and for the other important people in your life.

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