Thursday, May 11, 2006

Releasing Old Patterns & Habits

When do you notice yourself getting in your own way?

It can happen pretty easily. It's when you unconsciously slip into denial, or when an addiction takes over, or when you go on 'automatic pilot'.

When there are unconscious patterns or habits happening within you, it's easy to remain oblivious and not conscious to what is really happening. It's easy to follow old habits and routine because you may be comfortable in it, but is that really living fully and being spontaneous?

What patterns & habits are you noticing in yourself that you would like to release? First they must be identified. With me, it's easy for me to slip into my usual morning routine and it can be 1pm before I get out the door to do my errands, etc. I've really taken notice to this pattern in me and I'm choosing to face it. In doing so, I choose to be conscious of my choices each morning.

What old patterns & habits do you have that you would like to become more conscious of, thereby working to release them?