Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hope, Heart & Healing

I don't know how many of you are aware of this.... so I thought I'd jot a note about it.

Christopher Stewart at Intuitive Living, the home of many wonderful Carnivals of Healing and astrological data, is a Medical Intuitive. He hosts a regular column called Ask a Medical Intuitive at

Recently Christopher has been posting many of his responses at his blog. Check out his posts and get a feel for the type of healer he is and the work he does. If you feel drawn to his work and have particular areas in your own health and wellbeing that you would like to address, please consider contacting him for a personal medical intuitive consultation. So much more can take place when you speak with him directly.

He works by phone with clients all over the world and his healing work has personally helped me more than I can share within these words. He is a gifted medical intuitive and is a true healer. His compassionate and caring ways are felt through his energetic presence and the gentle sound of his voice through the phone lines. His readings are detailed and he provides a tape of your session along with recommendations.

Details about individual medical intuitive consultations with Christopher are available on his website at

If you are experiencing imbalance, physical or energetic, please contact him.

Christopher's email:

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