Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Healing Lost Relationships...

What do you do when someone who you have held close as a friend for many years moves out of your life?

Recently one of you posed this question.

In short, it's important to look at what is moving in your life. When you are in a position of spiritual growth, deep transformation and physical changes, sometimes it signals a change in relationships as well. In other words, if you are moving, maybe the others in your life aren't as ready to move. When we are evolving spiritually and are consciously working to make changes, others around us can feel left behind, neglected and even out of place or envious. Sometimes its a matter of two energies going in two different directions.

Think about two people, you and your friend for example, walking along the same path, side by side. You're going along and enjoying each others company for the duration of the journey, when you start moving faster, feeling an urge to make a change. This path simply no longer serves you. It's an uncomfortable path and you know there is more to life than this path. You are ready to make a big move.

At that moment of decision, the path forks into two paths; one that you traveled on to get here and the other is the new path that awaits you. Being curious and having outgrown the old path, you take the fork in the road. You have begun a new adventure. It's exciting and you can hardly wait to see what this new path holds for you.

After a while, having settled into your new path, you realize your friend is no longer walking the path beside you. You miss this friend and seek them out, only to find they no longer choose to walk with you. Hurt, dismayed and feeling alone, you continue on, not knowing what happened.

The friend also felt that aloneness, only it was at a time when you were excited and were facing a new adventure. They weren't able to join you, or even feel happy for you because all they could see and feel was the loneliness of being left behind.

As we spiritually evolve, we come across many forks in the road. I like to call them different levels of attainment. It's when we have learned something powerful and are ready to go on to something new. Those people who are with us aren't necessarily ready to travel to that next level with us.

The wonderful thing about this transformation is that you are always given the opportunity for new people to enter into your life. Be open to allowing someone new to travel beside you on this new path. Going backwards isn't a possibility, but moving forward can be exciting. It's the old saying, when one door closes another door opens.

My answer to the question:

When you have journeyed far with someone and it is time for you to move forward, do so with joy at your new prospects, and with compassion for those who cannot come with you. Know that they will also have someone new to walk beside them as they journey forward.

Each of us learns and evolves at our own pace and in our own time. Healing lost relationships does not mean that you can mend that which is not broken. Evolving and moving forward on your path is not a state of brokenness, it is simply another opportunity to grow and evolve.

Hold love and compassion in your heart and wish them well, but also look forward and embrace the joy that awaits you on your new path.

Many times this is a subject that is brought up in an intuitive session. If you have a similar experience or questions and would like to consciously work to move forward, I suggest contacting me for an intuitive session. The details can be found on my website: Illuminations Network

Many Blessings,

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