Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Timing really is everything, isn't it?

It's funny how we will push and pressure yourselves to complete a task or accomplish something even though it doesn't feel right, when if we'd only waited it, it might have been much easier.

I remember a story a dear friend told me about a trip to Paris with his then girlfriend. It was supposed to be a fun, sightseeing trip and instead she overplanned and scheduled everything right down to the minute. When their trip to the Eiffel Tower happened to be on the schedule during the middle of a rain storm, she still wouldn't let it go- they had to go in the rain. Her unfortunate need to control every moment caused so much friction and resulted in a completely miserable experience. Had she been able to loosen up, let go and flow with the weather, they could have had a beautiful excursion the following day.

I find this happens so much in my writing. Lately I have had the makings of a magazine article, but it hasn't really been coming together. I have sat down on numerous occasions trying to put my ideas on paper, but only mush seemed to pour out. Finally this week I walked away from it, knowing that it just wasn't meant to be yet, and wouldn't you know, it started coming to me in the middle of the night last night!

I got up out of bed, went to my office and started writing. I have about half the article written, but now that it's on the right track, finishing it will be much easier.

It really is about Divine Right Timing. In the Universe, there is a time and a place for everything.