Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lunar Eclipse Tuesday

Space Weather News for March 12, 2006

LUNAR ECLIPSE: When the full moon rises on Tuesday evening, March 14th, you might notice something odd--a pale shadow darkening the moon's southern hemisphere. That is the shadow of Earth, and if you can see it, you've spotted a "penumbral" lunar eclipse. Weather permitting, the eclipse will be visible from eastern parts of the USA and Canada, all of Europe and Africa, most of Asia and South America, and western Australia. The eclipse will *not* be visible from California and other far western US states.

BLUE SUN: Lately, the sun over Egypt has been turning a strange color--blue! This is a side-effect of very fine particles in the air kicked up by seasonal dust storms. Where there are blue suns, there could be blue moons, too, and maybe even a blue lunar eclipse. Observers in and around Egypt should keep an eye on the sky in the nights ahead.

Visit for pictures of Egypt's blue sun and more information about the March 14th eclipse.