Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Need to feel special? Leo full moon on it's way...

Full Moon in Leo
Sunday February 12, 2006
8:44 pm PST/ 11:44pm EST
Sun at 24.20 Aquarius
Moon at 24.20 Leo

The Cat and the Computer
by April Elliott Kent

As an astrologer and website designer, I spend the bulk of my days in the technology-rich realm of Aquarius, gazing at a computer screen. The Internet gives me access to a vast landscape of information; it’s not called the World Wide Web for nothing! Email helps me maintain friendships with far-away kindred spirits. My astrology work takes full advantage of Aquarian technological wizardry, as I tape readings, record them on CD, and mail them to people I’ve never met. And as a website designer, I spend hours building online homes for individuals and businesses.

My Aquarian world extends my reach beyond the boundaries of my bricks-and-mortar life, enabling me to transcend the limits of geography and an introverted personality. Without the Web, one source of my livelihood wouldn’t exist at all, and my other work would be drawn from a much smaller pool of clients. But the downside to this Aquarian utopia is that my participation in the world of flesh and blood suffers when I spend too much time at the computer. Phone calls from friends languish unreturned and laundry piles up in the corner. It can be difficult to push myself away from my comfortable virtual refuge to attend to real-life relationships and responsibilities, which tend to be more demanding than the electronic variety...

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