Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sacred Spaces Carnival & Gallery

Whoops! I missed the last Carnival of Healing! It was hosted by Phylameana at Her theme for this 26th edition is Sacred Spaces. From the sewing room, to sacred marriage and Japenese temples, sacred space is unique to each individual. Where is your sacred space? Mine is being with the trees.

Phylameana's was her Mom's sewing room...

"Spending some quality time in a space that is void of distraction is a blessing. A seed was planted in my mind and heart yesterday to start up the Sacred Spaces Gallery Project. In the gallery I will display photos of reader-submitted special places. Perhaps your special place will motivate others to spawn their own personal sacred space. The submission guidelines are pretty straightforward. I hope you will feel inspired to contribute.

One of the first sacred spaces that I encountered as a child was my mother's sewing space..."

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