Monday, October 31, 2005

New Moon in Scorpio tomorrow...

Tomorrow, not only is there a New Moon in Scorpio, but it is part of a very 'potent' configuration- a Grand Cross with the Sun, Moon, Saturn & Neptune. These are fixed signs and signal determination... (in my case- possibily resistance & stubbornness!) and strategizing.

Anything that has been buried underneath our smooth exterior that no longer fits or serves us will be building up inner pressure and blowing to the surface~ what joy! ( yes, a bit sarcastic tone noted..) It means you can no longer ignore the inner issues that you haven't wanted to face. It's time to come face to face with your inner demons, dirty closets and britches that are too tight. It's time to take stock and fess up to the emotional patterns that have been running as an undercurrent, for they will be screaming for our attention.

It's really no wonder that the CIA investigation where undercover agent Valerie Plame was outed is coming to light in the US government during this astrologically packed circus!

To sugar-coat this Grand Cross, Mercury will join Mars in retrograde on Nov 12, and Saturn will join that party on the 22nd. Fortunately, this is going to slow down our lives so we can go within at a pace that we can handle.

The next 2 months will be prime-time opportunity to go within, focus on your healing process and release, clean house, deal with emotional issues that are surfacing and hunker down to get through it. This also means asking for help. Heroics are not necessarily part of this cycle. Asking for help is important and will actually enhance your healing journey, allowing you to get right into the core of the issues, rather than beating around the bush and thinking you're on the right track.

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