Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right?

Spiritual Relationships: Finding Your True Partner
by Jodie Foster

Have you spent years looking for Mr. Right, or Ms. Right? Do you feel like you come up empty each time, or even worse- end up repeating an old pattern with the same type of person again and again?

It’s an uncomfortable reality for so many of us as we look to be in a relationship with someone. Our requirements may be unconsciously stemming from old emotional patterns within our psyche. Those patterns may have been formulated in early childhood, during puberty, or even from our ‘first love’. Each time we grow into a new relationship, we hope that we have learned enough from the sum of our previous experiences to say that we are prepared to reap the harvest of our true partner. Unfortunately, if unfinished business still resides within your mind and heart, it will eventually surface in the new relationship.

Recently one of my clients came to me with this same trouble. She had recently found a wonderful new relationship, or shall we say it found her. Everything was going so well, they were getting to know each other..... Read the Full Article