Thursday, October 20, 2005

Heart/ Spirit heard in whispers....

The heart / spirit is the connection to our inherent truth. It gives us the direction within the silence. It whispers to us on the winds, it speaks in riddle and rhyme, it doesn’t give us all the details, just a sense of what is and what is to come.

The heart/spirit is a quiet whisper of an echo that can be heard only if we really listen. Opening our minds to allow our heart/spirit to speak is a task so plagued by pitfalls that I have difficulty myself at times. Even in the quietest moments of time within meditation, there is a sense that I could be accomplishing so much more if I just did it the old way and barreled in, knocking over everything and being stubborn.

Sometimes however, the old way doesn’t work. It is too outdated, unfit for the light of day. It has been seen, and spoken in us since the dawn of man/woman. Now, at this turning point of energy and time there is room to grow and change. Open to the changes, expand and remain centered. There is a calmness within the heart/spirit that will help you know the effort was worthwhile. Being in a hurry and barreling through definitely is not the answer... trust me!