Thursday, October 13, 2005

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse on Monday

This Monday, at 7:04am (Eastern), the Hunter's Full Moon in Aries will be in Partial Eclipse. It will be visible in the western US before dawn. This particular full moon/eclipse will bring with it distinct Mars tone, assertive and action oriented.

You may notice conflicts, disagreements and fear coming to the surface, especially in partnerships. Try to be mindful of your emotions and steer clear of emotional outbursts. Agreements can be trying right now as well.

With the full moon/eclipse and Mars in retrograde, we can be stubborn, resistant and fearful of change. Last night's episode of Lost (for those of you who watch it) had a particularly good example of someone afraid of change.

We have a tendency to hold onto the old ways, be stubborn about making any adjustments and therefore end up in stagnant energy and feeling pain, when letting go will release us into a new freedom of expression. Just because things happened one way before, it doesn't mean that it's destined to always have the same outcome.

With these energies in the next few weeks, remember that resistance can physically appear in the body as joint aches & pains, especially in the knees. Focus on letting go with ease, even if it feels scary to do so.

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