Sunday, October 30, 2005

Are your emotions still stuck in the 70's?

I received an email today from a dear friend who was talking about cycles and how she has learned to accept the circular action that can feel like the ebb & flow of the tide. My first reaction was - Yeah!

Cycles are ecliptical and when we are going around the outer edge of the eclipse, we can feel very far away from our center point. This can be felt very physically as fatigue or emotionally as moodiness, quick tempered, off-balance, and 'pissy'. In the material world it shows up in cycles in our business or cash flow. Cycles are tied to astrological transits and moon cycles.

I've found that cycles include very fast-paced, hectic times and then slower periods when it feels like you're walking through jello. This can be very frustrating. The slow times are asking you to slow down, rest, go within and face your inner self. It may signal a good time to do emotional housekeeping- releasing that which no longer serves you. It may also be a good time to do physical housecleaning- like cleaning out the closets and giving away things you no longer use or need.

During this Mars retrograde period, which continues until mid-December, our actions are slowed. There is more need for rest, more noticible fatigue and we are slower to realize accomplishments. This is a perfect time for going within, tackling your inner cleaning and releasing emotional patterns that are outdated.

Think about your inner closets in the same way you'd look into your bedroom closet today- if you're carrying around and wearing an emotional pattern from the 70's, or even the early 80's- would you be caught dead wearing something from that era in your wardrobe today? Probably not. It's outdated and out of style. Why would you want to keep wearing the emotion? It's outdated too...

Think about it...

What era is your inner closet living in?

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