Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A companion, a compass and a clear focus..

“The strongest substance in the world is water because it knows how to move around obstacles.”

Being fluid is powerful, given the fact that our bodies are mostly water. We have the ability to ‘go with the flow’ around any obstacle, rather than charging stubbornly into them, or standing in the middle of the river and waiting for the obstacle to pick up and move out of our way. We are truly a stubborn species and forget to look outside ourselves and laugh once in a while! Why do we make things so difficult? Remember that it’s all about our choices. We can choose to be stubborn, resistant, etc. We can also choose to be fluid, flexible and flowing. There is strength in flexibility. What areas of your life are you more flexible with? Your job, kids, money, bills, your spirituality? What areas are you more resistant, stubborn and hard-headed about?

Knowing when to let go and flow with the current can keep you from banging into the obstacles in the middle of the river. You know how painful it is when you keep banging your head into the same thing over and over again! Think about what you are willing to release in order to experience greater flow in your life. What can you do to become more flexible? Maybe going out for a walk every afternoon, or practicing yoga or tai chi. Becoming one with your inner flow can help you achieve greater flexibility in the outside world.

Think about your relationships. Are you open and flowing with others in your life, or are you resistant to their actions or beliefs? Think about your relationship to money. Is money easily flowing in your life, or do you hold it, fear letting go of it and not trusting that more will flow in?

Money and relationships are similar energy exchanges. The energy flows in and out of the heart chakra. When you are not open to exchanges and stubborn or resistant to energy moving, it will be reflected in your money and personal relationships. When you are open and flowing, giving and receiving with ease, that will also be reflected in your money and personal relationships.

If these thoughts strike a cord within you, then there’s something you need to uncover within yourself. You may be ready to change some area of your life so you may flow more freely.

Are you flowing around the rocks, or are you stubborn and waiting for the rocks to move for you? Do you know where you are in the river? Do you need help?

An Intuitive Counselor is like a river guide, pointing out the rocks and spotting what is around the next bend in the river. An intuitive session equips you for the journey by providing you with a companion, a compass and a clear focus.

Intuitive Counseling is asking for directions before you get completely lost.

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