Sunday, August 21, 2005

Changing with the times...

How often have you noticed that the world around you is changing quickly and you need to respond differently? I have a line from a song that goes through my mind at those times, " You know it's time for a cool change...". It's usually my intuition getting my attention when things are changing within me and in relation to the world around me.

What are your signals? How do you respond?

I think about getting an iced coffee, making a list of everything that I need to get done, then find a new approach to make it happen. Of course, life does have it's own ideas sometimes!

Meditation and visualization techniques are methods I use as well. Sometimes just going for a long drive, allowing my mind to focus on the road and drift between subjects is the best mediation.
When I'm at home and focusing on meditation I use the HeartMind Breath. It's simple and powerful, allowing me to accomplish an inner clarity and focus my attention to moving forward.