Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Carnival of Healing: Submissions wanted

Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of personal Web sites and blogs on the topic of healing. It’s being hosted by the Holistic Healing Guide at About.com. I will be hosting periodically here at Intuitive Innovations. Please consider submitting a link to your blog or personal website if it is related to healing and wellness. Submit your URL

Blog Content Wanted:
Anything you have recently written in your blog pertaining to wellness, holistic health, spirituality, personal empowerment, or healthy lifestyle.

To Be Included in the Carnival:
Submit your URL and description of your blog or personal Web site.

What is a Blog Carnival?

"The Carnival of Healing is NOT a search engine or a link directory. I'm not really looking for links to Websites. Submissions I'm wanting is URLS that point to healing articles, empowerment stories, innovative healing ideas, remedy tips, announcements of new stuff, etc. I'm especially interested in the blog community. What are your opinions? What are you writing about in your blogs about wellness, complementary medicine, holistic healing, spirituality, and healthy lifestyles?" ~ Phylameana, Holistic Healing Guide at Healing.About.com

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