Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mother Nature has her say... And we get a lesson in flexibility

This afternoon, Mother Nature decided to really be loud here with severe thunderstorms and lots of rain. One area, not too far from here had a thunderstorm stall overhead and had 3 inches of rain dumped in an hour, resulting in flash flood warnings!

For me, it meant staying off the phone. It interrupted a client call and then after clearing for about 20 minutes, the storm raged again and interfered with a teleclass I was teaching. When the telephone lines are crackling and zapping, I don't hang around! Needless to say, my client and teleclass were both rescheduled.

It has been a lesson in flexibility. Mother Nature is unpredictable. She is amazing in her beauty and her expressions. At the same time, she can be violent and moody, catching you off guard and interrupting your plans.

Flexibility falls under the heading of 'Trusting in Divine Right Timing' for me. There is usually a reason for everything, even our interruptions! When plans change unexpectedly, instead of being angry, upset or unnerved, open to trusting that you are being provided for on a much higher level. Go with the flow, accept that you will still arrive at your destination even if it takes longer than expected. Know that it's all about the journey, not about the destination. Stop being in such a hurry...

( And yes, I am talking to myself when I right this too!!)