Friday, June 24, 2005

Illuminations Newsletter June 2005


June is at its midway point and it has truly proven itself to be a month of many flavors. The weather here in the Northeast has been a rollercoaster ride, switching from 50 degrees, raw and chilly to 95 degrees with heavy pollen counts and high humidity, then back again. It’s leaving many people dealing with colds, allergies and fatigue. I always think of June as the month that Mother Nature could never figure out. It’s a time of transition into summer and usually it happens like a yo-yo spinning up and down. Hopefully it settles into a groove soon!

This month I have been hosting a wonderful three part teleclass series called “Getting in the Groove: Opening to the Flow in Your Life.” There’s a great group of people participating and thank you to all of you who attended the introductory teleclass on June 1st. I will be offering more teleclasses in the near future- so pay attention to upcoming email announcements.

One of my accomplishments this month that I’d love to share with all of you is that I have achieved the status of “Platinum Author” for my article submissions to Ezine This is an honor and I’d love for you to share in my achievement. The article site includes my Article Archive. It’s where I have numerous articles posted and you are welcome to read and share them with others. There are options on each article to email them to a friend, rate it or post a comment. Please stop by- click on the link above.

Over the last few months I have had several requests from clients who would like to mentor with me. It’s a challenging subject and I’ve been giving it much thought.
I have seen that there is a need among practitioners and solo-entrepreneurs looking to develop their businesses in larger ways. One of the common factors among them is a lax support system for business ideas, mentoring and know-how.

To address this need I have developed a Team Mentoring program which will meet, via teleconference twice a month for 3 months. This program will be by registration only and will involve business development tools, techniques, mentoring and team involvement geared to assisting each member in expanding, developing and growing their business.

Team Mentoring will include techniques for using your intuition, reading the energy of the business, finding the right niche, targeting specific markets/clientele, advertising and branding your business identity. We will address subjects ranging from combining your spiritual path with your business path, embracing your intuition, pricing, logo design, advertising methods, promotions to sales tax, hiring a virtual assistant and many more. The team mentoring sessions will be participant geared, depending on overall direction and need.

This team mentoring program is open to anyone already in business for themselves, or diligently preparing to launch their business. This is not for anyone who is simply thinking about starting a business. It is for those who have already made the commitment and are looking for assistance. The participants in the group will become a cohesive team that works together to stimulate ideas, develop creative approaches and to support each other in their endeavors.

Remember this is TEAM mentoring- NOT individualized mentoring. If you find the need to work individually and would like to have my complete focus, please contact me for individual business development and one-on-one mentoring.

The team mentoring program will involve working as a team to build your individual businesses. You will be generating ideas, direction and techniques together with my assistance. You will be implementing changes and be responsible for your individual progress.

If you would like to participate in this team mentoring program, please contact me for further details.

Well, enjoy the articles in this issue of the Illuminations Newsletter. If I can be of assistance for readings, intuitive counseling or business development please let me know.

Many Blessings,
Jodie Foster

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